Introduction to Clover and the first Clover Network game: CLV3D

On Oct 2nd 2020, a gigachadmin took it upon himself to airdrop 41 CLV to 542 /biz/ members. 22,222 coins total. He did everything in his power to make this coin rugproof and as fairly distributed as possible. The airdrop form was posted on /biz/ only, with questions only someone from 4chan could likely answer. The rest is history.

Oh, and hundreds of normies got psyop’d into buying a 4chan pass. They won’t stop DMing me asking for the airdrop so I tell them to buy 2 more passes. We gave 4chan it’s most profitable day in years and Hiromoot is probably scratching his head wondering why.

Clover3D: /biz/’s first Inverse Funnel System

For anyone who has been on /biz/ for a few years, you know exactly what this is are are thrilled. For the rest of you, let me introduce the Clover3D game.

The contract will have an 11% fee to purchase or sell C3D tokens. As more people buy C3D tokens the price rises, and vice versa. Most people will not sell tokens they immediately buy or they lose out. Strong hands and those that FOMO in early will be rewarded, others not so much.

The goal is to buy into C3D as early as you can, and hold your C3D for as long as you can to collect dividends from everyone else who has weak hands.

The effect of this contract is over time, more and more CLV is locked up within it, no longer for sale on the market. This is a game of chicken designed to shake out weak hands and yield the highest gains for those who understand the rules and the game theory.

The long term benefit of this game is that any and all players of this game have CLV locked up in the CLV3D contract, not for sale.

Just because this coin was distributed fairly does not mean it is being accumulated fairly. weak hands sell dips, strong hands buy them. Survival of the fittest cannot be ignored. Those that understand how Clover3D work will end up benefitting the most.

The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.